Top Three Ways to Make Money With Amazon

This is just a brief post for everyone who sent an email this month asking me how to make money with Amazon. There are several ways that people are reporting good earnings in the forums and on blogs. However, I did some research and I have narrowed it down to the best three methods…

Method #1

Produce niche blogs featuring related products. Include customer reviews and your own opinion about the value and usability of the product(s). Include your Amazon affiliate url in the images and links. Run targeted traffic to your blog.

Here are the Pros:

  • This costs no money whatsoever!! You can create a blog on WordPress, Blogger or Weebly. You can do some easy keyword research to choose the best words for your your title.  This will make your the title of your page most relevant for your target audience.
  • There is no monetary risk and zero writing skills are required!
  • There are tons of creative ways to include product reviews from Youtube that are already done. You can make a short video citing your own thoughts as well. Add your opinion, include credit to the authors of videos or articles if used in your blog. 
  • Amazon cookies visitors to your affiliate links. If a person buys at another time or buys other products after clicking on your affiliate links and banner images, you can still earn the commissions.

Here are the Con:

  • Commissions might roll in slowly.
  • It might be necessary to create multiple pages across various niches in order to boost profits and make the money come in faster. This should be the plan anyway.

Method #2

Sell your own ebooks on Amazon. You can write a simple pdf that teaches content on a niche-related topic. Don’t get discouraged by the fact that tons of people might have books or products for sale that are similar to yours, or that cover the same topics.  There are tons of free resources that teach how to profit with Amazon in this way. 

Here are the Pros:

  • You can restructure PLR products and books and resell them as your own. Some people make all of their money online using PLR products.
  • Your customers become your valuable list of subscribers to whom you can offer more niche-related products and content.
  • You can offer contests, bonuses and even sell other Amazon products to your buyers for fresh new commissions.
  • Again, there is very little or no cost involved upfront. Unless you plan to pay for visitors to your product page.

Here are the Cons:

  • You might need a little bit of tech skills because you should set up a domain and hosting for your product if it is a downloadable book. (but it is super easy)
  • If you intend to mail your book, you should be ready to ship items punctually. Its not a problem but some people prefer to keep zero inventory when making online sales.
  • You need to be ready to price your product competitively and other sellers in your category might already have five star reviews that stand taller than your the zero reviews for your new product.

Method #3

Buy and Sell Amazon Books. One woman created $2000 of extra cash quickly with this method. Here is her personal testimonial .  This is a straight forward method and it is insanely lucrative.

Here are the Pros:

  • Anyone (even a child) can create a daily income of three figures or more with persistence.
  • It can be done along side of any other methods for making money online.
  • It does not take a lot of time to incorporate as a daily routine.

Here are the Cons:

  • The method can involve a lot of mistakes if you don’t get a good training module first.
  • You need to have some cash upfront of at least $20 – $100 to start.
  • It would be wise to get the training first which requires an investment of a minimum of $293. (This is easier than making a large payment for the training course).

That’s it folks!! The best thing to do is implement all three methods for killer profits this year. Remember, the holidays are fast approaching. You definitely want to capitalize on all the shopping that people will be doing on Amazon. Check out my review of Text Book Money if you want help deciding whether or not to get started with Method #3, also I reveal my own experience and profits.

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