Top 7 Places To Get Free Business Leads Now!!

If you are promoting your product or services to business owners, you need fresh leads.  This information is great for my fellow Video Production Specialists, but also for those who offer internet marketing services to small and mid-sized business owners.  Do you need residential leads? These resources are helpful too! Here are a few great places to get hot, free leads that will fill your calendar for a few weeks. You do not have to pull out your wallet to take advantage of these resources. You might like them so much however, that you want to get more leads later on. Here they are with video demos:


  1. Megaleads  They offer a “Free trial with no credit card commitment”.  Here is a video that shows their features:

{Incidentally, I stumbled upon a site called and found the competitors of Megaleads and their Alexa Ranking. Some of them might be listed below}

2. Salesgenie – This site offers a “Free 3-Day Trial” plus 150 free leads.  Once you sign up for your free trial, a sales person will contact you to introduce you to your new trial platform and teach you how to use it. They are there to help you get acclimated to the leads system and of course, try to get you to buy a monthly service. It can be somewhat pricy if you continue past the trial. However, if you are selling a high-ticket service that bills at $300 or more, you might get some sales during your first 3 days and still have funds left over after buying a membership with Salesgenie. The options are all up to you.

3. Salesfully – This company has a nice, dynamic website. They offer “100 free leads with your trial account.” You can start a 14 day free trial now. There is no risk and no credit card required.

4) Hoovers- This company offers a free trial. It offers deep data for over 85 million companies across countless industries. This might go beyond just uncovering small business owners.  It might be worth looking into because although some of these companies might be quite wealthy, they still might benefit from your services and expertise. They offer appropriate “conversation starters” for your individual prospects based on their industry.

5) Infofree- This company offers a free trial. It is now visible how long the free trial is for. However, this video below shows how easy it is to harness the leads that they offer:

6) ZoomInfo- This company offers a free trial to their leads database. They claim to “Provides access to more direct dial phone numbers and email addresses than any other market intelligence provider on the planet.”

7) Basecamp Leads –  They only offer 30 free leads. However, it is easy to go through each of them and see if they are of any quality worth your time.  I was unable to find a video produced by this company. However, one of their competitors called ClearCutLeads has a video on their own website. They offer a “free consultation” but I am not sure if they offer a free trial or free leads. However, it might be worth asking if they offer a 10 or 14 day free trial.

After you have all of your leads gathered first, do not forget to plan your strategic approach. This website called MTD Sales Training Specialist offers a great article entitled,

“3 Powerful Tips For Turning Incoming Calls Into Incoming Profits- This guy really knows his stuff!!

Well, there you have it folks. Now you can have plenty of prospects lined up to start your upcoming week. Let me know if any of these sources prove to be valuable for you.

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