The Best Email Marketing Methods for Beginners

Why You Must Always Track Your Progress…

Regardless of the method of email marketing you opt to utilize, one of the most important strategies is to evaluate the effectiveness of your email marketing on a regular basis. This is critical because elements of your email marketing campaign which are not working should be weeded out. Likewise elements of your marketing campaign which are enjoying a high degree of success should be utilized more often. For example if you notice there is a spike in sales or website traffic each time you issue an e-newsletter, it might be worthwhile to begin issuing e-newsletters more often. This type of evaluation and feedback can turn a moderate success into a huge success.

In the videos on this page, you should have learned how to build an email list organically. However, it is possible to have success with sending a list of prospects through your email marketing sequence. At No Limits Today LLC. we provide our fellow business owners (those who are in the B2B space) with current, exclusive leads that include over 80 different data points on the list. For example, we can see if the leads have a website, video presence, social presence, blog(s), multiple locations,, Google listing, paid traffic ads, etc. and so much more.

If you would like a set of 200 free leads, apply here. Our leads are not cheap and we must verify each person before we grant access to them.

If you were planning on cold-calling leads, DO NOT START until you check out our post featuring some of the best tips and tricks to be successful with this sales method. Also, did you know that here is a very precise way to deliver cold voicemails too? You might want to check this out as well.

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