Ten Ways You Can Promote Incentives To Warm Customers

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You may have arrived at this page from my other post about offering creative marketing incentives to your customers and new business owners. It shows all kinds of unlimited bonuses you can give away. I added a video to that post to demostrate a few of the great offers that can boost your business. You have come to the right place if you already have existing customers in your business!! There are many ways to use these wonderful incentives. However, for those of you who DO NOT already have an established business or you have no customers, I shared the link to a short list of at least ten ways to use incentives to jump-start your new business today. You should visit that post if you DO NOT already have a clientele. Once again, this article is for those who really see the value in rewarding their current customers and want a creative way to attract new customers. If that describes you, then this list should get you off to a good start. Also, if you need more leads, I shared (in another post) an easy way that you can get 200 leads for free. So, check out this list and let me know what you think. And please feel free to leave your questions or comments below.

Here is how you can share your incentives or rewards:

  • Create a banner ad campaign in Traffic Fuel or another traffic source bidding on a CPM basis. Send it to a landing page that only asks for an email to get the incentive. You are now building an email list that you can serve with your awesome offers. You can also create a landing page that shows the reward that a prospect will receive after their free strategy session with you.
  • Create a QR code and send it to all their mobile devices with a message that shows appreciation for being your customer.
  • Use the incentives to ask for referrals.
  • Use this as an additional service that you will provide on behalf of your client for their customers.
  • Post the banners in your social media pages (This works for those who have no customers too).
  • Use them in your email marketing sequences (it is best to use it with a warm list rather than in a cold campaign).
  • Feature this at the end of a webinar, or incentive people to attend a webinar and make sure you give these wonderful incentives away!!
  • Use them to boost sales of affiliate products that you are sending to your warm email list. (Think about affiliate marketing B2B services too!! I will have a special post about this soon!!)
  • Have your VA call all your clients and invite them to a webinar about how they can boost their business and feature this service or have them call your customers and give way the reward.
  • Send a branded voice broadcast to your warm list with a message that explains how to claim their reward
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If you have existing customers but lack a steady flow of fresh leads, it might be difficult at first to experience how lucrative this is. But these 10 strategies above make it possible for you to attract more customers to your business. As mentioned before, I also have fresh, exclusive leads that I can share and you can get 200 free leads at. How? Well, you do have to qualify, and that process is very simple. Complete this form to get your first 200 free business leads.

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