Ten Ways to Use Incentives to Jump-Start Your New Business

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You may have arrived at this page from my other post about offering creative marketing incentives to your customers and new business owners. I added a video to that post to demostrate a few of the great offers that can boost your business. You have come to the right place if you DO NOT already have an established business. However, I also published list of at least ten ways you can promote incentives to your warm customers today if you are already in business with existing customers. You should visit that post if you already have a clientele. Once again, this article is for those who really see how lucrative it is to join this incentive program and help businesses do the same. If that describes you, then this list should get you off to a good start. Also, if you need more leads, I shared (in another post) an easy way that you can get 200 leads for free. So, check out this list and let me know what you think. And please feel free to leave your questions or comments below.

  1. You can launch a cold email marketing campaign. With at least. 5 messages in the sequence. Then use the 4th or 5th email to offer Creative incentives to the prospects.
Email Marketing Works!

In the 4th email you should give a reward to those who have made it to your 4th email in the sequence. In the 5th email, you can provide your affiliate link. And let your prospects know that they can give this away to their own customers.

And I cannot stress enough that this email sequence must provide immense value, and it should be specific to the prospects niche. And the problems that they are likely to have in their industry. Also, thing about the problems that their ideal customers are having, and provide ways that they can solve those problems. If your email list is not learning anything from you, then your email sequence is no good.

2. You can hire cold callers (for as little as $7 per hour) to reach out to business owners and invite them to your landing page, live event, or evergreen webinar, so they can learn about a way to boost their business and generate more leads to get more sales.

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3. You can print the flyers that are available within your back office and distribute them anywhere you like. There are plenty of places in the city where you can distribute your flyers.

4. You can pre-launch. Or promote. A live event for marketers. And agency owners? Where are you going to feature? The creative marketing incentives that they can offer their customers. And teach them all the different ways that they can use this platform to benefit themselves as well as their clients.

5. You can also do a similar event for more than just your typical local or small business owners. Plus, there are so many niches that you can do this for. Also, don’t forget about multi-level marketers, brick and mortar mid-sized companies, large companies who can provide these rewards to their employees, small to large car dealerships, home service providers and social media influencers.

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6. You can pay an influencer to circulate your affiliate link. And once they see the value in it, they’re likely to buy from your affiliate link. And there are millions of influencers out there. In fact, after doing more testing, I will publish an article about a software that puts me in touch with thousands, upon thousands of influencers All in one database.

7. Take these incentives over to your church. Or to local churches in your area. And let the leaders know that they can give these incentives to their members. In this way, you can charge them a flat fee or monthly fee for providing this service. You can provide these incentives for their members, or you can sign them up through your affiliate link and let them handle the account and set up their own incentives for their members.

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8. You can provide your affiliate link to ridesharing workers like Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as people who do food delivery through Door Dash, Grub Hub and other companies because they would like to be able to offer this to their customers. But. As an informant, you should remind them to tell their customers that this is from the kindness of their own hearts, and it is not affiliated with Uber, Lyft or other companies that they are delivering for.

9. You can bring your Flyers to the local fitness facilities in your area and sit down and speak with the management about how they can give away bonuses to their customers using these creative incentives.

10. You can charge between 1000 and $5000 to businesses for the service of creating their blog(s) and email marketing campaigns. And include these incentives as a bonus. With this option, you can have them create their own account through your affiliate link and manage the account for them. If you’ve got 10 businesses to pay this amount, then you would make between $10K and $50K. Also, you will have enough. Money to pay someone to handle the fulfillment of the email campaigns and the blog creation. And just make sure that your client is benefiting from serving these creative incentives to their customers and their audience. Next, there is a bonus strategy.

BONUS STRATEGY: You can also offer to help with their social media marketing and include these creative incentives in the posting that you do for their audience.

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