STOP! Don’t Buy Image Creation Software Until You Read This!

affilorama-3 How many sales presentations have you seen that offer superior software for creating social media images? Some of them were cheap, like around $7 bucks. Others were $47 or $67. They all offer the same benefits of being able to create photos, updates and affiliate campaigns using photos. In addition to videos, creating engaging graphic images is essential.  Here is a free option that you will surely love.


I just cannot say enough about this web-based platform. If I explained how awesome it is, then it would spoil all the fun of you exploring all the features.  Just know that you do not need to go out and buy another shiny object to get the job done for images.

green check mark.jpgYour YouTube channel cover? Done.   green check mark.jpgYour Facebook fan page logo and header?? Done. Done.

green check mark.jpgNeed every image to be an exact size? Done.  green check mark.jpgNeed it to work for Mac PC’s, Android, Tablets? Done.

green check mark.jpgNeed to know that your images will be mobile friendly? Done.  green check mark.jpgNeed to Impress your clients? Done.

Remember!!! You can charge a fee for doing this as a service for others while using a program that is 100% free.

Is there an upgrade? A bait and switch?  Well there is an upgrade. If you take on their inexpensive upgrade, you get access to more graphic images and they will eliminate the ads you see while working on your masterpieces. That is all folks!!! They give you so many features and images and possibilities for free…. You just have to try it.

fotor-image-1How can you monetize this little piece of gold?? (By that I mean, make money with it):

  • You can add your domain name into the photo as the place to retrieve the offer you placed in the image.
  • You can take one of the CPA offer banners and post it with a link to your affiliate URL.
  • You can make money building pages and images for other people.
  • You can create contest announcements that are linked to product sales or CPA OFFERS.
  • Use it to generate traffic to other web properties you have such as blogs, websites, online retail storefronts, other social media pages, etc…. (The sky is the limit… or as I like to say… there are No Limits Today (or any day) placed on your creative vibe.

 It gets you started off right from the beginning… just pick the type of image you want to create… then turn on your good music and have a lot of fun with it!!

Here is a video that explains more in detail:
This barely scratches the surface!!

Here is an Image I was able to Create… within about 5 minutes…


As you can see… it is really nothing fancy. Nothing to really brag about. I was just playing around with the transparency feature. You can upload and overlay any image over a variety of backgrounds. I was just horsin’ around to learn all the controls. It took me 5 minutes to finish this.

Well there you have it folks! Another excuse for not doing creative marketing destroyed.

Click Here To Get Started! Nothing to Buy, A Whole Lot To Gain!


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