Powerful Scripts for Cold Call Sales Voicemail

Here is an Example of What Not to Do!!

The wrong way to leave a cold call voicemail

Let’s dissect this picture for just a moment! This image comes from a different source and the link to it is the second link at the bottom of this post. This image suggests not leaving a phone number at all and this is where I disagree. I think it is OK to leave a phone number and it might even be imperative if the voicemail pitch is really good. In other words, if your voicemail pitch can make a person want to call you back for a good reason (not to curse you out!) If this is the case, then you should include your phone number. However, just make sure you can handle the incoming call volume. I have specific ways of helping with that for my clients.

The web page where I found the above image does offer an alternative suggestion and here it is:

Image Source: trywingman.com

This alternative method should obviously be paired with email marketing. For to work, you need a powerful email marketing platform that is designed for cold email campaigns. In other words, you would not want to use Mailchimp, Drip or similar platforms for this type of job. Another good idea is to split test and try different methods to see which one gets the most response. You can incorporate email marketing and send messages either before or after you drop the voicemail message. You can also choose to leave a phone number in some calls and withhold the call back number from other calls. You will eventually find your sweetspot and figure out what it takes to get predictible call backs, appointments and sales. When you are ready to do cold calls, you need a script not only for leaving voicemails, but a powerful strategy for speaking with the person who answers the call. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of my posts that offer great cold calling stragies. If you need leads to reach jump start your sales funnels or marketing strategies, complete this form, the first set of leads is free!

Ask yourself, what would you need to hear in voicemail to make you want to call the business back??

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