OMG Membership: A Review of the promo video training

Update:  The training video discussed in this post has been pulled off line by the product owner for some reason. If it returns, I will add it here again. However, the review is still very helpful as it contains some great free resources for those who want to learn about online marketing for the purpose of making money, and eventually quitting the 9 to 5 rat race.

OMG is an educational program implemented through a membership website. What does OMG stand for? I am not sure…It might just simply be: Online Marketing Group or Online Mastermind Group/Genius etc.

It is apparently compiled by a cluster of the best of the best marketing gurus who have specific authoritative expertise in different niches. Some of them are experts at SEO. Others are experts at free traffic generation. Other fields of expertise at member’s fingertips include lead generation, paid traffic, social media marketing, video marketing etc. Connected to this membership is a private, closed Facebook group. I was able to get an acceptance into this group within a few minutes of attempting to join it (which I highly recommend).

Ok now let’s discuss the video content:
The video can be broken down into two segments: A training portion and a sales portion. This is not uncommon with most free marketing webinars that you come across in social media and other segments of the web. In fact, you should always anticipate that the presenters will be making “an offer” (i.e. try to sell you something). That’s it folks! So why am I taking time to write this review? As much as it was exciting and uplifting, the inspirational high drops you off rather quickly with a feeling of discouragement.

Here’s why:

The training portion was cool!! It was actionable (meaning that you could implement it today and see some kind of results).  It was all about how to get free traffic using YouTube. The presenter said he is an expert at paid traffic so he had a few “free traffic” gurus to contribute to the discussion. It was sensible and explained so that even the newest newbie could wrap their brain around it. It was somewhat short and left you wanting more. Especially in comparison to the amount of time that was spent encouraging the membership purchase. How was it pushed??? It was a gentle nudge that left you feeling like you just had to buy into their membership program. That is a sure-fire way to tell if a presentation was well-assembled. So A+ for that. They introduced their experts. They each had a chance to tell their rags-to-riches story and they were all reasonably conceivable. So you would feel like, “Damn!! If they can do this and make tons of money then I can do it too!!”….and rightfully you should.

Constructive use of the audience’s time?????

So it felt like out of the whole hour and 57+ minutes, only about 40 minutes (or less) were used for teaching a true money-making method of getting free traffic. For that reason, I was somewhat disappointed. I have not watched part two yet. I will post a follow-up review after I view it.

What about the membership costs????
The membership fee (which is worth even more money than what they are charging in my opinion) is way, way too expensive even for me at this time. They want a whopping $699 per month for 1 year or $7K+ as a one time payment. It is a lifetime membership though. The training and coaching included seem to be fantastic.

Would I want to join OMG???? If I were a total newbie with lots of money I would not hesitate to join. Seriously. However, that is not my situation. My situation is that am 10 years into my studies and function as a marketer. I have tons of highly potent training material on my computer and trial and error under my belt. Plus I have my own product line to promote and for which I can acquire affiliates to help boost sales. I feel confident that I have reached the gradual income growth (that OMG members should also experience) on my own since I have already started. I admit that my growth could be massively accelerated if I were an OMG member because having direct access to their experts is priceless. So I would never expect anyone to decide to join or not join solely based on me or my situation.

So what’s my conclusion???
1) Snag the meat and throw away the bones (bones = anything you cannot make use of). I suggest this with all online webinars that you watch.. even when I start promoting my own webinars and invite you. What’s the meat?? There is a really neat YouTube method in the video that was stunning. I had never heard of it or seen it performed before. They also offer free access to their Facebook group to both OMG members and non-members. Join before they really stop letting people in. You can learn a lot from others and also demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Imagine if people from that group began to know you as someone who is very skilled in this arena!!

2) If you cannot afford the membership fee.. DON’T get discouraged. There are some juicy alternative forms of education you can get for yourself.

A) Get a free membership at Do it now. Like right now. They have goo-gobs (tons) of free training videos in addition to a comprehensive list of affiliate networks for you to join. Don’t worry about the offers in those trainings… the content is actionable and will help to develop you as a marketer.
B) Google search and then join Warrior forum. Interact, ask questions and share your wisdom as well.
C) Join Facebook groups that are like-minded with your goals.
Above all: Take action.. be it small or massive. You can and will get results. If you desire to profit as an online marketer.. you can do it.

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