Here Is My Honest Text Book Money Review


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I tried this product. It is actually like a browser extenstion. I was able to buy a few books at a cheap price and resell them at a hire price. I made some money. However, looking back I realized that the sales page, webinar and email marketing messages from the product creator were extreme in terms of how they hyped up this product!!! The promises of big profits and easy lifestyle were way outrageous and I think the product creator took in a lot of unjust profits. This product should not be considered a viable substitute for an existing income stream. Due to the stress with shipping and handling, delays and time consuming attempts to research so-called “deals” using their tool, this is more of a risk than a blessing. Affiliate marketing, good old cold-calling (with a good strategy- like the ones found here), starting a consulting firm, or even multi-level marketing are all much more viable alternatives that have a greater potential to yield consistent, long-term profits. Of course, like anything else you must we willing to put in the work. I regret the time I wasted messing with this product.

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