Here Is My Honest Text Book Money Review

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 I wanted to write this brief review of Text Book Money to share with everyone who reached out to me by email about this within the past two weeks. What I have to say should not surprise you at all… You can read my initial reaction to the product or jump to the last page to see the update.

I apologize for taking so long. I was super busy and did not get around to checking out the product and all of the content.  To be honest, my first impression is that it was too good to be true.  However, after careful consideration and actually applying the methods, I have a couple of things to say for those who are curious.

  • First, this product is not just a product. It is a job. It feels more like a really good job. It is for someone who wants a complete, systematic approach to working with Amazon with the security of decent earnings for their efforts.  If you do not follow the steps, you will not make money and the steps must be repeated for more earnings.
  • This is different from affiliate marketing and SEO in a small way. If a person sets up a traffic campaign for affiliate commissions or establishes high rankings in the search engines, they can continue to gather profits from one-time efforts. ON the other hand, you still need to set up more traffic in order to keep making more money, so in that way Text Book Money is similar to affiliate marketing.
  • Secondly, this is something that anyone can do, even a 10 year old.  You need a computer, a spread sheet to keep track of your records, internet connection and diligent effort. That is all. As I mentioned before in a different post, there are other ways to make money with Amazon. It makes sense to profit from multiple methods at a time.

What is are other people’s experiences????

One guy posted online saying that was able to seek out the profit potential every time he used the browser tool that the product comes with. He stated, “I have already earned back my investment.!” My personal review will be updated later.

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