Here Are The Best Cold Calling Tips (Part 2)

I would never recommend just doing random cold calls, or even hiring a virtual assistant to do cold calls without some type of strategic training. It is one of the most anxiety-inducing activities that many people face in business. Grant Cardone is a world-famous sales guru who has his own course that teaches phone sales and he has successful cold-callers on his staff. However, my personal favorite guru for this topic is Dan Lok. You can learn more about him by visiting the link at the bottom of this post. So let’s get into Mr. Lok’s cold calling tips shall we? I have actually closed a sale the day after I studied one of his training videos. The man is brilliant! This post offers tons of incredible advice pertaining to cold calling in the B2B space. If you are thinking about leaving voice mails during cold calls, check my post about that here.

Clients Say, “I’ll get back to you.” And You Say, “…”

This is a grim reality for any sales rep who gets on a call with a prospect. The prospect will (lie and) say, “I’ll get back to you”. Deep down inside, you know this is not the truth. They just want to shove you off of the line. What should you do or say? Dan Lok gives the perfect solution to this problem.

What Do You Do When A Prospect Says No?

In a nutshell: Always have a downsell offer. Click Here And Discover Your Best Skill To Close More Deals:

The Art Of Closing Sales

Click Here To Join Dan On Demand And Dan’s 3 Hour Telephone Millions Training For Free:​ The art of closing sales is simple. In this video, Dan Lok reveals the 3 things you could get out of any sales call. Watch it now to discover the art of closing sales.

How To Follow Up With Clients Who Are Not Interested

When you talk to prospects on the phone, you’ll likely face situations where you need to follow up with them. How do you best approach the follow up? How do you find a balance between reaching out and not being too desperate? How Can You Follow Up With A Client Without Seeming Desperate? In This Video Dan Explains What It Really Depends On. Watch this video for all the answers. If You Are Serious About Learning More, Watch The Training Dan Mentioned Here:

When Client Says, “Your Price Is Too High!” And You Say…

When your prospect tells you your price is too high, what do you do? How do you handle that objection? Watch this video to see Dan Lok’s Executive Director, Desmond Soon close a $50,000.00 high ticket offer with some guidance from Dan himself.

How To Gain Confidence In Sales

How do you gain confidence in sales? Most people think you have to think positively. They think you have to have tons of experience and serious training. Or they think you need to be an expert salesperson. None of those are the case. So how do you gain confidence in sales? Watch this video to find out.

The Single Best Way To Start A Sales Conversation with Any Prospect

Key takeaways: Talk about the money upfront. No pretentious rapport (i.e. “Oh how’s the weather in Detroit?”). Do not “shoot the breeze”. Having Trouble With Closing Prospects? Learn The Single Best Way To Start A Sales Conversation With Any Prospect. Want To Deepen Your Sales Knowledge? Closing a prospect isn‘t always an easy ride. Dan Lok learned that first hand in his days as a copywriter. But there are great ways to close someone. The solution lies in how you start the sales conversation with the prospect. Watch this video for the single best way to start a sales conversation.

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