Here Are The Best Cold Calling Tips (Part 1)

Best Cold Call Secrets – Joker Calls Batman

Scared of Cold Calling

When I was in college I had quite a few different cold calling jobs. Looking back, I realized that the companies I worked at did not train us on the psychology of the customer. They gave us a script to follow and they monitored our calls to see if we were following the script verbatim. We were evaluated based on our metrics which included lead, appointment or sales volume. After years of doing that, I should be pretty comfortable with doing cold calls on the phone for my own business right?? Nope! Hell Nope! I don’t do it now and as soon as I stopped, my productivity increased and my anxiety went down. Why?? Because I hire people who are strong in that area to do the tough stuff. Here is the thing… it is not tough at all. In fact, cold calling is quite easy and you just have to be consistent with hitting the target dials per hour. So why is it so nerve-wrecking? Why do I refuse to do it? Well here is the reason…..

Cold calling is nerve-wrecking because it subjects the caller to constant rejection and rudeness from the other person on the line. It is human nature to want to avoid disrespectful treatment from others. I totally get it!! Why do I refuse to do it?? Well, I prefer to speak to those who have expressed interest in a product or service that I offer. Or, they might be interested in discussing a problem that they are facing. This is a better use of my time because I can build a relationship with the prospect and educate them on the latest practices for addressing their specific issue. This is my strong suit and I have learned to play to my strengths. Yet still, I created this post to include a few awesome videos from Dan Lok (someone I admire and learn from constantly) to help those who need to incorporate cold calling into their marketing strategy. Also, if I nver need to churn out a few cold dials once in a while, at least with these wisdom nuggets below, I feel better prepared. I also created this post as a helpful resource for my sales agents. Enjoy!! Let me know what you think of these videos by commenting below this post. If you are thinking of leaving voicemails while cold calling businesses, check out my helpful post that offers best practices.

This is a collection of the videos that I found to be most helpful for cold calling.

This video offers several great ideas, but one in particular stands out for me. Dan Lok suggests making sure that outbound marketing is in full force before even picking up the phone to call a prospect. Calling a prospect for the first time (who doesn’t know you) forces you to have a lot to overcome so many barriers. This video is a fantastic resource.

How To Close A Sale – 5 Reasons People Don’t Buy

This video provides great tools for closing a sale after speaking with a prospect.

The BEST Cold Call Opening Lines: Killer Cold Call Openers

This video provides some great openers for cold calling prospects. Some of them may appeal to you, others might not work. It is a good idea to try them first and then see if they work better than what you are currently doing.

Clients Say, “I Am Not Interested.” And You Say “…”

I love this video because it helps with overcoming one of the most painful rejections. Now it no longer has to sting!! This video is worth the effort of grabbing a pencil and paper to take notes!

How To Cold Call Strangers (So They Actually Talk To You)

This guy suggests a specific way to handle the gate keeper. It may or may not work for everyone. However, letting the gatekeeper know that you are calling regarding an email.. is a totally cook idea!

5 Most Powerful Sales Questions Ever

Driving sales includes the requirement of asking questions. Did you know this? A lot of marketers (particularly newbies) are not aware of this. They like to let the client ask all the questions (which is ok), but do not ask questions of the clients. This video is extremely helpful because knowing the right questions to ask is just as important as implementing this in your sales strategy. It is imperative that we qualify our prospects. Remember, your time and services are valuable too.

SALES Techniques – How To Convince A Customer To Buy From You

Amazing! This video presents an idea that I had never thought to utilize. I actually tried it the day after watching this video. I made a nice sale! It is so simple, and yet so incredibly overlooked.

Clients Say, “I Don’t Have Time To Meet With You” And You Say “…”

If you’re selling business to business, odds are, you need to meet with the prospect face-to-face. So when the prospect says, “I don’t have time to meet with you”, what do you say? Discover exactly what to say in this video, as Dan breaks down why most people handle this the wrong way and what to say instead, when your clients say, “I don’t have time to meet with you”.

Clients Say, “Send Me More Information” And You Say…

When a client or prospect says, “send me more information”, what do you say? Do you give them more information? If you do, you just might lose the sale. So when a client says, “send me more information”, what do you say? Watch this video to find out.

Clients Say, “I Have To Talk To My Spouse” And You Say…

This is a common objection that comes with high ticket sales. What would you say in this situation when a client wants to talk to the spouse? Car dealerships deal with this 100 times per day. Dan Lok once again, provides an awesome rebuttal and this time he does it on an actual sales call. This is a Must See!!

Clients Say, “What If It Doesn’t Work” And You Say…

When your clients say, “what if it doesn’t work?”, what do you say? Do you immediately give them testimonials? Or do you start justifying why it does work? In this video, Dan and Tina, his Global Community Manager, show you multiple lines to say when your clients say, “what if it doesn’t work?” Watch this video now to discover how to handle the objection.

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