A Review of 2015 as a Marketer

Wow I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. There were definitely some high points and low valley. Did I do everything I set out to do as a marketer? Unfortunately No. Did I get a lot of new things done?? Absolutely!

Here are my highs:

I made some great connections with online marketers. Most notably my buddy in Nigeria. He is really my rock as far as marketing goes. Its like, in my love life I have my husband. In my online marketing life, I have my Prince (yeah that is really his name and boy does he live up to it!!) We have a great professional friendship and he has helped me grow tremendously. I believe I have helped him as well.

Secondly, I got my Clickbank sales up and finally choked the CPA Marketing chicken!! CPA marketing is quickly on the way  to becoming my bread and butter folks!

Finally, I finally got all of my websites organized and positioned the way I want them.  They are monetized and ready to serve as my mini-cash-cows. Plus, I am on the brink of setting up more.

I acquired more knowledge than I could have imagined I would encounter. I now have a responsibility to do something about it… share it.

Here are my low valleys:

I wanted to launch my membership site and I even had many of my subscribers looking forward to it… ready to sign up. Never launched it. I think it is because I took on more than I could handle… including the personal problems of some an old friend.

I had a bunch of product reviews and videos that I planned to produce… didn’t get that done either. Bummer. Feelin’ like a dummy because of it.

I planned to create, launch and market a mini-training course. I did not do that yet either. Man I am mad at myself for that.

So all together for this 2015 year… and I am both sad and happy to say, I made about $20,000 as a marketer. The rest of my money was made by writing countless papers for my clients in academia and tutoring students both online and offline. Plus I did a massive amount of mystery shopping and independent contract work for other companies.  I think I could have done better and should have done better as a marketer.  Needless to say, I have sternly locked in my goals , for 2016. Compared 2012-2014, this year was a little better. I was teaching in school and writing way too much and I was quite miserable. I lost my grandmothers consecutively, followed by other deaths in the family and I was depressed for a while.  Check out my post for 2016 goals and feel free to add your goals in the comments.

Let’s make this upcoming year great!!!

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