Wow! Check out my ugly blog! Get a free gift!!



Geez, I have come a long way since my very first blog. Can you spot the flaws in the blog on the right compared to the blog on the left?

The blog on the right side was a blog that I made when I was playing around with Blogger.  At that time, I was doing network marketing, dealing with SEO and lead generation for others. I cannot believe that I was impressed with myself back then for making that ugly blog!!! It is loaded with costly errors.  It is so heavily flawed, that it would make for a great tutorial video. I might produce the video for my newbie subscribers who are just now starting their own blogs for the first time.


On the other hand, the blog on the left is much better. It is not perfect and may not even compare to more sophisticated blogs. However, it works great for me now. It complements my existing business site and I have received a lot of praise for it with regard to content and appearance.


Can you spot the flaws in the first blog?? It is difficult to see it by just viewing this page. You will need to click on the images in order to view the images up=close and make your opinions. Once you have done this, click on the back-button in your browser to return to this page.

In fact, I have a special FREE SURPRISE GIFT  that all internet marketers can benefit from at any stage in the game! It is only blue-gift-boxfor the first 25 marketers/bloggers who can tell me the top 5 or 6 flaws in the Blogger blog on the right hand side.

What do you think???


STOP! Don’t Buy Image Creation Software Until You Read This!

affilorama-3 How many sales presentations have you seen that offer superior software for creating social media images? Some of them were cheap, like around $7 bucks. Others were $47 or $67. They all offer the same benefits of being able to create photos, updates and affiliate campaigns using photos. In addition to videos, creating engaging graphic images is essential.  Here is a free option that you will surely love. Continue reading

Another Free Marketing Tool

Addthis1How do you put those wonderful, floating social sharing and following buttons on your site? There are many, many plugins for WordPress users, but Addthis promises to be super easy to deploy- even for newbies.

Check out this introduction video:

Some people shy away from using these types of services because they are told to “copy and paste” html code into the body section of the website. I admit, I have done it before but I still hate having to mess with that code stuff in my site. If you install the plugin into your site, you should not have to install the code. However, if you want to do it the company has an easy-to-follow video showing you how to do it here.

They offer a Pro service for less than $20 per month. However, their free version is enormously sufficient. Here is what this plugin offers:

  • Sharp Analytics about your visitors.
  • Ability to create beautiful exit banners to refer traffic that leaves your site.
  • Show related content with images at various page location options.
  • Promote affiliate offers in a variety of ways and track the strength of your promotional campaigns

Tons, tons more! If you have a website or a blog that you manage, consider using Addthis.

Check back for my next post where I will explain how to monetize this golden plugin and make affiliate cash!!

Here is a video showing examples of the details you can grasp about your website visitors using Addthis: