I Give My “Cookies” Away Freely! My Husband Has No Idea!

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A Great Affiliate Network for New Marketers

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What is the best landing page software for internet marketers?

There was a time when an affiliate marketer could link their ppc ad directly to an affiliate link and BOOM! Commission would come-a-rollin’.  I personally experienced this back when Google was friendly towards affiliates. I ran a quick amateur ppc campaign in Google with incorrect accumulation of keywords. Within a few minutes I had generated $162 in commissions after only spending $25 on clicks.

That was then…. this is now.

Nowadays marketers are operating in a more competitive space. However, it almost doesn’t matter how saturated your target niche is, you can dominate and win big if you have the right tools.  It is common knowledge (even among newbies) that you should have a smashing landing page if you are doing PPC ads.  WordPress offers a few landing page plugins that are free but they are somewhat difficult to work with or they impose limits on creativity.  The best source for a good landing page needs to offer various funnel styles, templates and it should be easy to use.  After combing through a few popular options, the following platform turns out to be top notch.

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