A Great Affiliate Network for New Marketers

  1. Each new member gets a dedicated affiliate manager to help with getting started.
  2. There is a huge variety of categories and offers to choose from.
  3. They have a very active and popular Facebook page so that new members can benefit from seasoned marketers and get their questions answered right away.
  4. It is fairly easy to start making money since many of the offers do not require the visitor to make a purchase in order for the affiliate to get paid.
  5. Many of the offers are available for weekly payouts and many of them accept **incentives for conversions.

(**incentives means you can offer a gift on your blog for visitors who complete certain CPA offers)

downloadIn addition there is never a fee for signing up and becoming a member.




Each offer comes with great graphics and the ability to rotate offers to optimize conversions.

This is a great place for newbies to get started.  I have never been disappointed. Get signed up here.


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