What is EasyVSL?

People are raving right now about EasyVSL. I also saw a few sales ads on Facebook featuring this video creation platform. It is different from Press Play in that is does not have as many interactive features. However, it is great for E-Commerce as well as affiliate marketing and lead generation.

In a nutshell, here are the features that I like best with this product:

  1. You can insert existing video clips into your project.

2. EasyVSL comes with a Speect-to-Text feature with various female and male voices. This feature can be used to persuade viewers to order your product(s).

3. You can also record your own voice to be integrated with your video.

4. The timeline editor is very easy to use.

  • There are additional features that are great here but most notable is the 1-Click Video Syndication. You can create your video and blast it out to the web to multiple places all at once. This product , along with the other video creator mentioned on our other post about Press Play should probably be in every marketer’s toolbox.
  • PRICING– There are two payment options for EasyVSL. Customer can pay $97 and then $9.99/month, or one yearly payment of $197. The point of entry is a little lower for Press Play. However, this is a great product have as well.

If you want to see EasyVSL for your self, visit the order page here.

Great Video Creators for E-Commerce

There are a lot of questions posted in social media from business owners and online marketers about videos. It seems that everyone is fully aware that video marketing is very important for prospecting and sales. However, there are so many different options when it comes to finding a great video creator. What should people choose?

Hopefully, this post will help people decide what is the best creator for them. Keep in mind, there are hundreds of options out there. We are just posting what we know to be effective and affordable. We consider the following video creators to be extremely valuable because they work for E-Commerce as well as for affiliate marketing and CPA marketing. You can customize them to suit any type of video regardless of your niche and target audience. Also, you can use these video creators for paid traffic, video content for your website and social media posts.


This is an image from the actual sales page.

There are so many player elements that can be included in your videos with this product. It is made to help marketers generate curiosity, leads and ultimately… more conversions. One feature (among so many) is the ability to add clickable options inside of the video for viewers to select. See this image below as an example:

If you had an e-commerce site featuring robotic products, you could make a video like this for your main product and of course you can have the images and pricing on your site for similar products. Anyone who wants to get massive leads should use PressPlay. Click here to visit the order page.

The data you can obtain from your visitors (like how much of the video they watched, what links they clicked on inside of the video and more) come from the tremendous means of engagement allowed with this platform.


Two payment options make it possible to get on board and get started right away. You can either pay a one time fee of $197/year or $27/month. The support for this product is top notch.

We have other video creation platforms recommended on here. You can visit the post we wrote about EasyVSL

Learn How to Promote Your Blog Today

Are you looking for a way to make money with your blog?

The best way to do that is to monetize it. Here is a great way for newbies to get started with no pressure, no stress and easy-to-follow steps. Continue reading

OMG Membership: A Review of the promo video training

Update:  The training video discussed in this post has been pulled off line by the product owner for some reason. If it returns, I will add it here again. However, the review is still very helpful as it contains some great free resources for those who want to learn about online marketing for the purpose of making money, and eventually quitting the 9 to 5 rat race.

OMG is an educational program implemented through a membership website. What does OMG stand for? I am not sure…It might just simply be: Online Marketing Group or Online Mastermind Group/Genius etc.

It is apparently compiled by a cluster of the best of the best marketing gurus who have specific authoritative expertise in different niches. Some of them are experts at SEO. Others are experts at free traffic generation. Other fields of expertise at member’s fingertips include lead generation, paid traffic, social media marketing, video marketing etc. Connected to this membership is a private, closed Facebook group. I was able to get an acceptance into this group within a few minutes of attempting to join it (which I highly recommend). Continue reading

Top 7 Places To Get Free Business Leads Now!!

If you are promoting your product or services to business owners, you need fresh leads.  This information is great for my fellow Video Production Specialists, but also for those who offer internet marketing services to small and mid-sized business owners.  Do you need residential leads? These resources are helpful too! Here are a few great places to get hot, free leads that will fill your calendar for a few weeks. You do not have to pull out your wallet to take advantage of these resources. You might like them so much however, that you want to get more leads later on. Here they are with video demos: Continue reading