A Great Affiliate Network for New Marketers

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I Give My “Cookies” Away Freely! My Husband Has No Idea!

Lets face it! It is taboo to be a married woman who seems like she wants to share her “cookies” with everyone who pays her any attention. Right!! Continue reading

Top 7 Places To Get Free Business Leads Now!!

If you are promoting your product or services to business owners, you need fresh leads.  This information is great for my fellow Video Production Specialists, but also for those who offer internet marketing services to small and mid-sized business owners.  Do you need residential leads? These resources are helpful too! Here are a few great places to get hot, free leads that will fill your calendar for a few weeks. You do not have to pull out your wallet to take advantage of these resources. You might like them so much however, that you want to get more leads later on. Here they are with video demos: Continue reading

Three Companies Hiring for Home-Based Positions

Hey What’s Up???  Let’s talk about YOU working from home.  Just in case there are still people who do not believe it is possible to find a legitimate work-at-home gig…I am here to tell you that it is possible. Before looking into these kinds of opportunities, it is always best to have your resume and cover letter prepared. A general resume that features customer service experience is sufficient.  I found a free resource that enables you to knock out your cover letter and resume in one shot! Wish I had found this 1o years ago! Another alternative to get your resume done is Fiverr. They have outstanding folks over there who can churn out your resume and cover letter for a very low price.

Once you have your resume and cover letter all set up, you can start reviewing jobs with confidence.  Check out these three companies I found today by accident: Continue reading